Tips to reduce Data Use while traveling 2 years ago

Traveling does not mean that you must use more data than you usually do, but it is a fact that if you do not know a place, you will turn to your phone more often, seeking information, locations, and recommendations.
Depends on the cities you visit on your travels, access to public Wifi changes and, in most cases, is not reliable. The use of internet Data come on handy, but it is important to control how you use it, otherwise, your phone bill could be seriously increased by the out of control use of data.
We would like to give you some very easy tricks to reduce the use of data while you travel, and also give you the ultimate solution to all your internet problems overseas.
It is true that before deciding if you need to reduce your data use, checking how much you actually use might be helpful. Also realize that every time you do something to reduce the data you use, you’re also doing something that might compromise some functionalities on your phone.

Here there are some examples of expected data usage on your trip:*

• Sending or receiving an email (without attachment): Approx. 20 KB per email; Approx. 300 KB per email (with attachment)
• Loading 1 webpage: 1MB per page
• Streaming music: 500KB/minute (30 MB / hour)
• Streaming video (standard quality): 2 MB/minute
• Navigation Turn by Turn Directions = 5 MB/hr
• Voice call on an online calling app = 3.5MB – 9MB for a 10-minute call
• Video call on an online calling app = 15MB – 54MB for a 10-minute call

Tips to Reduce Data Usage When You Travel:

1. Before you start your trip make sure you download all the music, podcast, eBooks or any other content you usually have on your phone. Apps like Spotify, iBooks or even Netflix allows you to download content to your phone and you can use them later without internet connection. Keep in mind that if you do this, you are taking storage space on your phone that you might use for your travel pictures.

2. Free offline maps for travelers. This is probably the app you will use the most, sometimes you ask for directions, but let`s be serious we only truly trust what Google or our trusted app says. Here you have three that we recommend:


Triposo: It’s free and works offline. Also, crunch through millions of websites and reviews to deliver unique recommendations across 50.000 destinations worldwide. it doesn’t require an internet connection, uses your GPS signal to navigate through the maps and works in and outside the cities. The upside down, it is based on OpenStreetMap so depends on the location, the maps could be outdated.

Google maps: although it is mostly used online, you can download the maps of the area you are visiting and be able to navigate with no internet connection. It is as reliable as any other app from Google. Recommendations and reviews are not available offline though.

3. Browsers that compress data. We often have to search something on the internet, websites, etc. Some websites could be heavy to load on your browser, although using Opera mini or setting Chrome’s “Data saver” will help you save data compressing the information you download to your device.

4. Turn off Facebook notifications. Facebook sends notifications pretty much for everything. All of them use data. If you turn them off, your phone doesn’t look for useless information on your profile to send you Push Notifications all day.

5. Disable background data refresh. This way apps are not using data 24/7 but only do when you are actually using them. This will also help you save battery, another thing people struggle to save while traveling.

Like I said before, all these tricks will help you save data on your phone, although it will also compromise some functionalities on your phone. And more important, the use of data overseas is very expensive, the phone companies let you use as much as you want, just to give a very unpleasant surprise when you get your phone bill the next month. Of course, there is an ultimate solution, especially if you don’t have an international plan and your phone bill could be exponentially increased by using internet connection outside your own country.

A portable Wi-fi device, such as WIFI TAKE AWAY, gives internet access to you and your travel buddies anywhere you are. No need to control how you use data or miss out anything because you are not connected.

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